Torch Height Control Unit

Torch Height Control for Plasma Cutting Machine

This new solution for Torch Height Control has some features really new in the market.

First of all it can work with every type of Plasma generators ( Hypertherm, Thermadyne, Kielberg, Cebora … ) and lets the user to load the cutting tables of each one.
In this way the user has only to select the type of material and the thickness, so the Unit of Control will load the correct table of cut and will be immediately ready.
The software is able also to memorize the number of cycle of piercing done by the same set of consumables.
The second main feature is that this system uses a brushless servo motor with encoder resolution, so the Unit odf Control is able to work with 0,01mm of precision.

Third, the Unit of Control has a PLC that lets the user to connect to all types of CN and also to create own cycles using his development tool-kit.
There is also a CAN port supporting DS-401 profile of Can-Open. This connection could be used to connect to other PLC and also to generator that have this connection like Cebora.


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