Teseo offers many standard software applications.
We also offer customized software development, built to fit perfectly your activity’s needs.


Teseo srl was founded in 1992 on the initiative of the two founding partners, who already had decades of experience in the field of industrial automation.

Our main technical competence is the realization of user interface software for machine tools, in order to facilitate the use and optimize the processing cycles.
To achieve these goals we integrate our technology with appropriate PLC programs. Our products are mainly developed for the Windows environment and the PLCs developed in IE1131 and Instruction List modes.

The choice of suppliers falls on companies that assemble numerical controls, which we value with our software. The customers we assist are manufacturers of machine tools or industrial plants. In these years of activity we have gained considerable experience in the sectors of thermal cutting and glass cutting machines.

Collaborate with Teseo also means:

  • development support in the design phase of machines and prototypes
  • custom software development
  • field testing
  • old machines retrofit
  • direct and remote post sales assistance

Availing ourselves of the support of external collaborators, we can also propose innovative solutions for mechanical, electrical and electronic old systems upgrading.


Our core businesses are thermal cut and sheet metal processing, flat glass cutting, upgrading machines service and customer care.
We have a lot of experience and smartness by our side, and this helps us develop the best solution for you. 
Cooperating with the best designers has allowed us to create complete solutions to manage the cnc cutting machines, starting from the same software base.

Standard Software applications

Sheet metal processing



Customized Software development

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