UR060 Remote Unit

The UR060 device is a remote numerical control, built to be installed on the DIN bar.

The control is equipped with a communication serial line RS232(opz.RS422/485), ethernet, 2 CAN lines, 6 analogic axes management, 4 analogic inputs and 2 analogic ausiliary outputs, 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs.

It is possible to expand the I/O both on a local bus (BLT) and on CAN.

It is provided(???) with the Mechatrolink field bus for 6 axes management, according to the proprietary Yaskawa (Omron) standard.


The used CPU is a Motorola ColdFire 5235 at 150 Mhz that allows a future development towards the most efficient Coldfire machines, keeping the compatibility with other Tecnos products.


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