With more than 20 years of experience on field, Teseo developed several typed of solutions for the machines of this area.

Teseo offers a new concept of user interface for glass slides cut machines. The solution is complete for managing the machine, developed in a Windows environment, working on an industrial or office PC.


Available options

  • Linear cut and shape cutting
  • Grinding heads management for linear and shape cutting
  • Automatic thickness identification and cartridge pressure regolation
  • Automatic plate alignment identification and shape aquisition via laser photocell
  • One or more Gantry couple axes
  • Many programmation settings
    1. Iso Code
    2. Crosspieces programming
    3. Essi Codie
    4. Linear geometric shapes combiner

Flat glass cutting

Flat glass cutting with diamond head. Adjustment of the cutting pressure. Grinding wheel management for low emissivity (LOW-E). Loader PLC management. Printer Management. Laser sheet position recognition. Scan templates for profile reconstruction.

Laminated glass cutting

Cut/break/separation with double head management. Safe lamp management.

Processing lines

Automatic cut-off lines for cutting tables use.

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