PC15 Touch

COMPACT PC15 is an industrial PC used to monitor the machine cycle and local programming.

It supports all most used Microsoft© operating systems and allows web linking towards other panels and the corporate network. 

COMPACT PC15 is linked to the actual CNC, which manages axes and machine I/Os.

The monitor is a 15″ touch screen of the active matrix kind (TFT) with a 1024×768 resolution.



The front panel provides a USB connector, protected with a proper sealed system.

External interfaces like Serials and Ethernet allow the PC to connect with the outside world, like any office PC.

COMPACT PC15 is built to work in industrial environments with IP65 COMPACT è progettato per lavorare in ambienti industriali con grado di protezione IP65 level of protection and it’s possible to place it in any control cabinet.

The PC power supply is 230 V.


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