Retrofit and special systems

Teseo offers its expertise for old machines’ and implants’ recovery, for which may be necessary to replace or rejuvenate? the previous numerical control.

The ‘Retrofit’ market often offers affordable and mechanically effective solutions (in crisis times), when supported by appropriate hardware products and software solutions enriched by the experience Teseo is able to offer.

Special systems are often the flagship of activites expressing the real italian creativity.
Numerical controls offered by Teseo stand out for their flexibility and are the right tools to deal with complicated projects.

This cases usually require to switch from a ‘CN centric’ to a ‘PLC centric’ solution.
This switch is only possible with Teseo products.

Teseo developed software packages and extensive knowledges in many machine automation fields, through its 30-years-old activity.
In such times, with wavering market trends, the restoration of used machinery (so-called revamping or retrofit) can be the best solution, compared to others.

The software offers are equipped for ‘Industry 4.0’ requirements
The most requested fields of activity are:

  • Sheet Metal Processing
    • Thermal Cut
      • Plasma
      • Oxyfuel
      • Laser
    • Cold-cutting
      • Waterjet
    • Stamping
      • Punching-machines
      • Combined
    • Forming
      • Profiling-machine
      • Roll bending
  • Lab Machines
    • Bologna University
    • testing bank
    • deflash machines
  • Float Glass Processing
    • linear and shaped cutting benches
    • Cutting tables for laminated glass
  • Wood Processing
    • Milling machines
    • Panel Saw
  • Textiles Cut
  • Special Implants

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